The Team


MIOM | Scar
Bobby Scarnewman

Scar, the self-proclaimed Most Electrifying Man in Melee (a reference to former WWE superstar wrestler The Rock), is a Captain Falcon player and community leader originally from Philadelphia, PA. He is the founder of Melee It On Me and played a key role in Melee’s road to EVO 2013 by hosting biweekly podcasts and facilitating the “Spirit Bomb” donation drive in January 2013. He now lives with his wife Sophi in San Francisco, CA, where he works at the Twitch.TV headquarters.


MIOM | prog
Wynton Smith

Prog is a commentator and community leader originally from Long Island, NY. In addition to being a panelist for Melee It On Me, he is widely considered to be the “Ambassador of Smash” by representing the community in interviews, outreach, and interface with the Fighting Game Community at large. A former competitor and uploader, he now focuses on commentary and production duties for the Melee scene. He served as the primary commentator for Melee at EVO 2013.


MIOM | Hyuga
Dr. Sheridan Zalewski

Hyuga is a Smasher and tournament organizer originally from Novato, CA. Having organized tournaments since the dawn of time, he is considered to be one of the Grandfathers of West Coast Melee, taking on the lead TOing role at GENESIS, GENESIS 2, and several other national events. As a Smasher, he is known to excel in teams and has been a vocal supporter of doubles at Melee tournaments. He recently earned his Ph.D on Dark Matter and still lives in NorCal today.


MIOM | Juggleguy
Robin Harn

Juggleguy is a Michigan Smasher and one of the most influential tournament organizers in the United States. He is best known for hosting The Big House events, the largest active Midwest Melee tournament series. In addition to his role as an organizer and Melee It On Me team member, he also oversees UM Smash at the University of Michigan, maintains a decade-old Melee-dedicated YouTube channel, and produces community content such as the Melee Year in Review.


MIOM | Toph
Kris Aldenderfer

Toph is a West Coast Smasher, commentator, and one of the most seasoned travelers in the history of the Melee community. Currently ranked 18th on the NorCal Power Rankings, he has also been active in the Hawaii, Washington, and Japanese Melee scenes in the past. In addition to being the newest member of the Melee It On Me team, his growing brand of knowledgeable commentary and rising Fox prowess has given him new recognition at recent national events.


MIOM | Tafokints
Daniel Lee

Tafokints is a California Smasher, tournament organizer, and blogger for the Melee It On Me website. Formerly a host of the Campbell series in NorCal, he has recently moved to SoCal to work at JPL – NASA, but remains active in coordinating logistics and producing content for tournaments. He hopes to continue improving his Sheik to national prominence, while also growing and giving back to the community.


Zac Cordoni

SFAT is a Fox player from NorCal and one of the best Fox mains in the world. He is currently ranked 1st on the NorCal Melee Power Rankings, and was voted 10th best Melee player overall on SSBMRank 2013. Having taken top 3 at several national tournaments, SFAT is known to be an incredible teams player with wins over top teams such as Mango/Scar and PPMD/Hax. He is also one of the most avid travelers in the community, balancing tournament attendance with his school studies at the College of San Mateo.


MIOM | PewPewU
Kevin Toy

PewPewU is a Marth player from NorCal and one of the best Marth mains in the world. He is currently ranked 3rd on the NorCal Melee Power Rankings, and was voted 12th best Melee player overall on SSBMRank 2013. Perhaps the greatest teams Marth of all-time, PewPewU is also famous for being one of the youngest top players in the history of the game. He was chosen as one of the 16 representatives of the Smash community to participate in Nintendo’s E3 invitational in June 2014, and currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA.



C9 | Mango
Joseph Marquez

Mango is a world-renowned Melee player from Norwalk, CA ranked #1 on the SoCal Melee Power Rankings. After his victory at EVO 2013, he is considered the undisputed world champion of Super Smash Bros. Melee, and has since expanded his community outreach by regularly streaming gameplay and match analysis through Melee It On Me and now Cloud 9. He became a father to Joseph Mango Marquez in October 2013 and currently resides in Ohio with his girlfriend Lauren.


Charles Meighen

Cactuar is a Fox and Marth main whose Smash roots are split between Northern NJ, where he was recruited by TSA; and Philadelphia, PA, where he went to Drexel University and still lives today. While he drifts in and out of the competitive scene these days, Cactuar is always ready to provide advice to anyone who asks for it. He is well-respected for his excellent coaching ability and former management of the Melee Back Room on Smashboards.


4 thoughts on “The Team

  1. How does one join the MIOM team?

  2. When are you guys official picking up Baby Mango???

  3. so it’s not possible to join the team yourself but you get picked or something?

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