Weekly Wrap Up (8/18/2014)

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Carrollfest 5 (103 Singles Entrants) – 8/16/2014, Pittsburgh, PA

An incredible venue with an amazing turnout definitely puts Carrollfest 5, at one of the best one-day tournaments of the summer. Almost doubling the attendance from the previous installment, Pittsburgh ran yet another 100+ entrant event smoothly and efficiently. PGH Carroll, the host, had enough time to run Melee doubles, singles, an amateur bracket, AND set aside enough time for TWO separate crew battles. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Cloud 9’s very own Mango won both the pro bracket and doubles with fairly minimal back-breaking effort with Juggleguy. After an incredible upset in round 2 of Melee singles, KJH took the win over VaNz. I’m sure you can tell that didn’t sit well with him as VaNz made a losers run through Nakamaru, Moose, Juggleguy, Vist, KJH, and Duck to secure a top 2 position. As for the crew battles, PGH Carroll designated time before Melee pools for “The PGH Mean Foxes,” consisting of himself, Taki, S1 the God, and Machiavelli vs. “Team Ben,” coming strong with Wife, Husband, Silence, and Oro. Despite a valiant effort “Team Ben” was able to clutch out the victory and win the crew battle. Happening later in the day, and likely the highlight of the tournament for most was the PGH vs. Michigan crew battle. Fighting for bragging rights on their own turf were Taki, Green Ranger, TheLake, PGH Carroll, and Nakamaru. Michigan brought many good players such as KZhu, KJH, Moose, Beach, and Duck. This crew battle had everyone on the edge of their seat, and I’m sure it will put you there too, so check it out here.

Singles Results
1. C9 Mango
2. VaNz
3. Duck
4. KJH

Full Results here
Videos here

Smash @ Clarendon Happy Hour (92 Singles Entrants) – 8/15/2014, Arlington, VA

Despite conflicting with the Pokemon Worlds event in DC, Clarendon broke more attendance records with a 92-entrant tournament on Friday evening. Top seeded DoH was upset by Bones0 early in winners bracket, and eventually was defeated by Plank during the top-8. Meanwhile, DP ran a train through Vist, Nintendude, and Wenbo on his way to his first Clarendon victory.

Smash @ Clarendon resumes on August 29th. With attendance numbers steadily increasing, the Clarendon series is poised to break the coveted 100+ attendance barrier in the near future. See the page for the next event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/685884541480920

Singles Results
1. DP
2. Wenbo
3. Vist
4. Apex | Nintendude

Full Results here
Videos here
Photos here

Low Tier City 2 (75 Singles Entrants) – 8/17/2014, Dallas, Texas

Singles Results
1. P4K M2K
2. Westballz
3. Wobbles
4. Mojo

Full Results here
Videos here

Nebulous 10 (51 Singles Entrants) – 8/16/2014, New York, New York

This week, Nebulous featured another array of high quality players such as Soft, Minty, Knut, and Kaeon, as well as our Nebulous veterans Hax, The Moon, DJ Nintendo, Ryobeat, Smuckers, and Niko. Minty, the Samus main from LI, went on a tear threw the bracket defeating Niko, Ryobeat, and even the fellow LI Samus Knut to take an impressive 5th place. DJ Nintendo, who placed a disappointing 9th place at the last event, stepped up his game for this event, defeating players such as Kaeon, Minty, Smuckers, Soft, and even The Moon, who has been placing 2nd place consistently in the past weeks. However, Hax reigned supremed and demonstrated to New York that we still have a lot of work to do.

Singles Results
1. VGBC Hax
2. CTRL|DJ Nintendo
3. SS|Soft
4. CTRL|The Moon

Full Results here
Videos here

#CuseTownBeatDown2 (46 Singles Entrants) – 8/16/2014, Syracuse, New York

Upstate New york’s biggest tournament of all time. Thanks to Syracuse’s central location many subregions, like Rochester, Buffalo, and even Albany were present.The growth in all these regions combined to form an excellent turnout for both Melee and PM with 70+ unique entrants. Sadly at the end of the day Syracuse was on the receiving end of the beatdown this time, with Rochester taking home the gold in both events. Beatdown 2 saw significant growth over the first edition of the series, showing that the smash growth continues even after the summer of smash. Who knows whats in store for #CuseTownBeatDown3?

Singles Results
1. JesiahTeg
2. TheManaLord
3. Beta
4. Asylum

Full Results here
Videos here

The Smash Academy 4 (40 Singles Entrants) – 8/17/2014, Orlando, Florida

The Smash Academy 4 was practice tournament for the upcoming #SmashTheRecord this weekend in Orlando, Florida. This tournament was regarded as “Upset City” on Sunday. VS Porkchops took 2nd in his pool to Fearless, CT Wizzrobe took 2nd in his pool to GK Dark Sonic, GK Harriettheguy beat VS Porkchops in championship bracket. Five round-robin pools of 8 were used to make a Top 20 bracket. SS Colbol looked unstoppable during the event after taking 5th place at The Smash Academy 3, losing to VS Porkchops and VS Lambchops.
Plup ended up taking 3rd at the event, due to him exploring a secondary in Sheik. Will we see more of this from him coming in the future?

Singles Results
1. SS Colbol
2. VS Porkchops
3. Plup
4. CT Wizzrobe

Full Results here
Videos here

Revival of Lafayette 2 (31 Singles Entrants) – 8/16/2014, Lafayette, Louisiana

A couple of months ago, a group of smashers in the Lafayette, Louisiana area decided to host a tournament series in order to revive the tournament scene in the city. This past Saturday, we ran the second tournament of our series, Revival of Lafayette 2, which had 52 entrants for PM singles (up from 23 entrants the previous tournament), 31 for Melee singles (up from 16), 18 PM teams, and 9 Melee teams. We thank our sponsors at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment for letting us use their venue. We look forward to having our next tournament in the upcoming months. Please follow us at http://www.twitch.tv/lafayettesmash and http://www.hitbox.tv/LafayetteSmash. The videos from our tournament will be on our Youtube page (given in the link) soon.

Singles Results
1. Lee Martin
2. TaylorHJ
3. Brzz
4. Tim

Full Results here
Videos here

Wrath of the Triple Dragon (30 Singles Entrants) – 8/16/2014, Santa Barbara, CA

The Black N’ Blue fighting game club at the University of California, Santa Barbara hosted a local on Saturday. Many of the local top players were there, however HugS and Lucky did the 2 hour drive from LA to play at this tournament.

Singles Results
1. Lucky
2. FRQ.HugS
3. Coolkid
4. SacaSuMoto

Full Results here
Videos here

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