CEO 2014 Melee Recap

by MIOM|Tafokints


The summer of smash continued in Florida with some exciting Melee action. Several top players including Mango, Armada, Mew2King, and Hungrybox were in attendance along with several local favorites such as Plup, Colbol, Blea Gelo, and Gahtzu. The three day tournament started with bracket pools, which led into a Top 32 bracket. Hard-fought matches were done on Saturday to narrow the field into the final 8 combatants. Sunday brought the action together on an exciting wrestling stage in front of a large audience that included the greater fighting game community.

Day 3 Top 8 Results

Top 32 Bracket here

1. P4K EMP Armada
2. C9.Mango
3. Crs.Hungrybox
4. P4K EMP Mew2King
5. CT|Wizzrobe
5. Plup
7. SS|Colbol
7. Fiction


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Reflections on Anaheim

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I tweeted basically every moment of last weekend’s MLG Anaheim. That’s because I had the privilege of watching some of the absolute highest quality gameplay that I’ve seen in my Smash career. The matches that went down in Anaheim will truly go down in the history books (please God someone find all the VODs).

Some of the things last weekend said about Melee were subtle, and some loud and clear. But my main takeaway from last weekend is that our game is healthy. I think that’s kind of a weird word to use so let me explain what I mean by taking a look at a time when Melee was anything but – 2008.

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By MIOM|Tafokints

Hey everyone!

After a month of sorting through emails, I have selected the editors. The formal announcements will come soon. I was very excited to see so many people interested in helping out MIOM. In fact, I received over 80 inquiries about the editorial position. We want to continue to help the community as best as we can. Unfortunately with the current team, we will not be able to bring out the vision of MIOM on our own. This is where you can help. I have been thinking of some areas that we could use more people for and here’s the list:


– Tournament Previews
– Tournament Recaps
– Signings, information, general news
– Ex. “Why x is better than y”
– Ex. “Why double elimination is better than ___”
Story Pieces
– Jamil’s “Team Attack Off” article
Spreadsheet/Data Analysis

Guide Making

– Character guides for all games
– Specific guides (Shield dropping, etc..)
– General mindset (stressing out at tourneys, etc..)

Technical Help

– Turning the MIOM twitch archives into podcasts on iTunes
– Uploading from Twitch –> Youtube


Social Media/HR Person
– Promote MIOM
– Overhaul plans of how MIOM interacts with social media. (Facebook page, twitter, etc…)

If you’re interested in any of these, email with the header “MIOM Help – Position Title”. Also, if you think MIOM can improve in anyway, let me know! Have a happy Friday and don’t forget to watch the CEO stream this weekend on VGBootCamp


CEO 2014 Preview


It’s the summer of smash and we have another national in Florida. All of the top 3 MLG finishers will be in attendance (C9.Mango, EMP P4K Armada, EMP P4K Mew2King) along with several other high caliber players including local town hero, Curse.Hungrybox. Pre-registration for Melee has totaled an impressive 243 players. With Alex Jebailey as the lead tournament organizer, you’re in for an exciting tournament. Here’s the logistics

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Scattered Thoughts: MLG Anaheim

It’s surreal that two days have already passed since MLG finished and we’re only a couple of days away from CEO that will also feature the likes of Armada, Mango, Mew2King, and other top players. A random slew of thoughts is what defines this brief article.

Tournament Rules

1Best of 5s change everything!


Poor aMSa

Ask aMSa. He was ahead 2-0 in 4 of his sets in his round robin pools, yet only had 1 set win to show for it. Someone needs to do a stat check, but aMSa may have the most wins ever for finishing in last for pools. Leffen also showed his amazing adaptation skills by coming from behind against Hax and Westballz. Best of 5s show a whole new layer of gameplay that would not be demonstrated in best of 3s sets. They need to stay.

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