Training: Position Battles

Hey everyone! It’s another fantastic Friday. I wanted to share a little modified form of practicing with you guys.

Requirements: Two Players

In sports, it is very common for teams to practice specific situations repeatedly. For example, basketball players will do fast break drills to understand what to do in different situations (3 vs 2, 2 vs 1). In football, the team may run certain plays repeatedly to learn how to properly execute it. In Melee, there are situations that come up repeatedly in a tournament that you can practice with a friend. I call this drill, “Position Battles”

Highly underrated by newer players, stage position and control are one of the key skills that you need to learn to improve in Melee. The objective of this drill is to learn how to keep your stage advantage against an opponent that’s cornered or, alternatively, escape these situations if you’re cornered.

We start the drill by doing the following:

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Ugh, This TV Lags!

We have a guest, Jas “Fizzi” Laferriere (Twitter @Fizzi36, Email:, who put in lots of interesting research into input lag.

EDIT: I have written a short follow-up to this article with recommendations about monitors and devices check it out here: Reddit Post

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Console “Lag”
3. Synchronization by Sound
4. The Test Method
5. Results
6. Result Analysis
7. Screen Quality Perception
8. Conclusion
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Training: Making the Most out of a Tournament

The premise of this article stems from new players who want to get involved, but do not really know what they should be doing at a tournament.

1. Enter the tournament!

Alright, this seems to be kind of silly, but I have seen a bunch of players who will make the drive to a venue and then not enter the tournament. When I ask players why they do this, they usually say they aren’t ready to play in a tournament environment and would like to improve to a certain level before doing so. It may seem like a waste of money to enter, but I recommend entering regardless because of the experience you get from playing people who will be playing their hardest. This also gives you a feel for how to play a tournament set (stage striking, counter-picking) and allows you to get feedback, which leads me to my next point


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Tourney: The Next Episode Preview


General Information

When: March 22-23, (10am-10pm PST on Saturday, 2pm – 10pm on Sunday)

Where: Oakland (Norcal), CA

Stream: VGBC | GIMR will be streaming the entire weekend on

Round 1 Pools Info

Why you should be excited

This is one of the first regional tournaments since Big House 1 that will not feature any of the Big 5 Gods of Melee. Some may scoff at the top-end talent, but no one can be fully confident on who will come out the victor or even make it into the Top 8.  Thanks to Norcal’s good player fund, VGBC | Hax from New York and, recently signed, EMG.KirbyKaze from Canada will both be in attendance. Socal’s heavy hitters, Fly Amanita, Fiction, S2J, Lucky, CT|MacD and Westballz will be making the trip to Norcal as well. Norcal’s traditional heavy hitters, MIOM | SFAT, MIOM | PewPewU, and Shroomed will be aiming to defend their home turf while hometown favorites, SilentSpectre and Lord, will also be in attendance. Along with them include people who have been improving rapidly such as Azusa and Darrell, who recently placed 4th at ROM 7. At the end of Day 1 on Saturday, there will be an exciting Captain Falcon round robin exhibition featuring VGBC|Hax, s2j, Lord, and Silentspectre. If you’re really in tune with the West Coast scene, look forward to Violence’s side event that will pit Socal’s and Norcal’s rising stars against each other.


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Am I Ready?

“Am I ready?”

I asked myself that back in 2007.

My answer to myself was a resounding “no.”

I’d been playing for a year, maybe a bit more.  I wasn’t confident at all in my abilities.  I went to locals just to play friendlies, maybe enter doubles.  But singles?  With the tri-state region during that era?  I just wanted to get better first, then start taking my lumps and face off against people I admired, learned from and wanted to play against.

MLG was on the way.  Later EVO.  These were players I had been watching USA Network on every Saturday morning for a glimpse of Melee action.  These were players I had been studying on the DC++ hub.  I’m not in their league, not even close.  I’m not ready yet.

Time passed.  Finally.  I was ready.

And everything was gone.  EVO and MLG weren’t carrying Melee anymore.

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SSBM Rank 2013 Top 100 Quick Reference List

I figure this would be helpful to use as a reference from SSBMRank 2013

1. MaNg0 – Fox/Falco – 10.0
2. Armada – Peach – 9.93
3. Mew2King – Sheik/Marth/Fox – 9.8
4. Dr. PeePee – Falco/Marth – 9.7
5. Hungrybox – Jigglypuff – 9.69
6. Hax – Captain Falcon – 9.14
7. Shroomed – Doctor Mario – 8.94
8. Wobbles – Ice Climbers – 8.91
9. KirbyKaze – Sheik – 8.83
10. SFAT – Fox – 8.78


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