Apex 2014 Top 8: Recap

With the year 2013 officially in the books, 2014 looks to be the biggest year ever for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Just two weeks into the new year, Apex 2014 drew competitors new and old to Somerset, New Jersey to test their mettle and leave their mark in a newly revitalized Melee scene. After traveling through a bracket riddled with upsets, the top 8 players were split down the middle into returning contenders and breakthrough players. Making their returns to the national spotlight were VGBC | Dr. PP, HungryBox, MIOM | Mango, and CT EMP | Mew2King. Looking to start the competitive year strong and take out these powerhouses were Colbol, Fiction, Leffen, and SS | Soft.

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Just Play

I think sometimes we over think the process to improvement in Melee when much of our improvement can be done by simply plugging in the controller and playing whenever possible. I actually do believe that you can win against a decent size of tournament players by being technically and mechanically sound. When I watch amateur level ping-pong players, the winner is usually the person that makes less mechanical errors than the opponent. In the same vain, the winner of an early bracket or pools SSBM set is usually the player that has made less technical errors and capitalized more on follow-ups.

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Apex Fantasy and Player Thoughts

1 week until Apex! Some friends from the community and I are doing a fantasy draft for this upcoming tourney! Basically, choose players that you think that will do well and get points based on how well they do. Whoever has the most points will win!

Follow the action here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhIIQ65G7heHdFg0NlNlS3hjMVh1czB4U3o0VVpIU1E&usp=drive_web#gid=0
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MaNg0′s Blog pt 7 – Epilogue

Read part 6, here!

What’s Next

Now I have to get to the sad part of my blog. As most of you know I’m having a baby, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be half retired. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still attend tourneys and try to win, but I probably won’t be able to practice and dedicate the hours needed to perform at the level I would want to. Thats why Zenith and Evo meant the world to me. It would basically be the last time you guys would ever see in-shape, top-of-his-game mango. That’s why winning was so important to me. I needed to prove, to myself more than anyone, that I could still win one last time.

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