MaNg0′s Blog pt 1 – Zenith

Not sure where I would start my Evo experience, so I’ll start with Zenith.


After losing NCR to HBox and Kings of Cali to PP, Zenith was a huge tourney for me. My heart wasn’t all there for those losses, but losing to people I know I’m way better than combined with the timing of Melee at EVO brought it back.

Going into Zenith, I just knew I wanted to win. I wanted to start the MaNg0 hype train for EVO, but going into the tourney I couldn’t get my heart into it enough and didn’t play like I wanted to win. It wasn’t until I lost to M2K in winners when I realized that I was tired of losing when I knew I could easily win. SO after the loss i took a walk by myself to get my mentality ready for the rest of the tourney.

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